Our Story

How it all began...

First I want to thank all of my satisfied customers for allowing this to happen. Originally a professional licensed diamond grader at the early age of 20, I've always been sensitive to detail. Fourteen years later, I decided I wanted to be a licensed cosmetologist who would be a professional & expert in hair, nails and skin.

Once I was licensed by the State of California my first job was at one of the most famous hair salons in Beverly Hills. I noticed that some of the hair stylists were manufacturing their own products but were simply copies of their favorite brand & later switching their name, and putting their own label on it. I quickly decided I wanted to create the ultimate product for men and women. But not in hair... In skin!

Every time I would shave I would break out. If I didn't use the correct facial soap, I would still break out in someway or another. Worst of all is when in between products, I would not only break out with acne but would also get a rash due to my sensitive skin.

This is when Dual-Shave was born! I've used knowledge from school and my personal experiences as a licensed professional in skin, hair and nails to pass down one product to all customers that handles all skin problems and it's needs.

Not only does Dual-Shave prevent acne, blackheads, ingrown hairs and other types of breakouts when shaving anywhere on the body but it also fights wrinkles & works as an anti-aging serum! This product has been FDA cleared & registered, third-party laboratory tested by doctors and dermatologists, is OK to use on sensitive and regular skin types, but it is also a patented formula that is one of a kind!

There's nothing like this anywhere in the world ladies & gentlemen... So finally one product to handle all of your skins needs!

-Owner & Inventor of Dual-Shave