Use as Anti-Acne Facial Wash


Put a nickel-sized amount onto clean fingertips. Make sure a nice layer is covering the entire area to be cleaned and add more if needed.

Dual-Shave™ is best used with warm water.

Lotion vs. Foam

There are far more benefits to using a medicated & moisturizing shaving cream lotion like Dual-Shave™ rather than your old school typical shave cream foam in a can.



Do not use this product 5 days prior to waxing.

Generally, waxing is safe, however, there are some potential problems that may occur if you plan to shave soon after waxing.


How to Use Dual-Shave™

Dual-Shave™ is unlike other shaving gels and foams! This product is best used while shaving or washing ones face in the shower, but can also be used in traditional fashions as well.


Fight A Pimple

You can use this product as a single pimple fighter due to its medication. Simply put a dot of Dual-Shave™ on top of a single pimple & then let it sit for 1h-3hrs/per day.


To Shave

Put a large quarter-sized amount onto clean fingertips. Make sure a nice layer is covering the entire area to be shaved and add more if needed. Proceed to shave.


A Fresh New Razor

Using a new razor every time when shaving one's face is essential.


The AfterGlow

No need to ever follow through twice for shaving or washing your face. After using Dual-Shave™, this product will leave your face feeling crisp and clean!


When Shaving The Body

When a woman is shaving her body, the direction in which the razor blade is used is very important.