What The Doctors Say



FACT - "Every single shaving cream on the market today is nothing but a moisturizer with cancer causing chemicals, I had to change that".


While creating Dual-Shave, it was very important to follow a few major steps while in its beginning creation phase.

The first step, I needed to find an FDA approved manufacturer who could turn my dream into reality. I knew the ingredients which I wanted to use, but I didn't have a chemist. Making a single product that cleaned skin, moisturized & allowed for so much more, I knew would need lots of testing & work. I had to find the right starting point for testing. Once I found my chemist (my needle in a haystack) the dream had begun.

Next, was to make sure Dual-Shave had the perfect texture. It had to feel perfect. Not only in your hand, but it needed to sit perfectly once on the skin... Anywhere on the skin! After almost half a year & five different tests, just on the texture alone, it was exactly how it was intended to be. Not too thick & not too light, was the final outcome. Currently on the market, many lines of shaving cream are either super thick or, very light and watery. Dual-Shave, had to be right in the middle. Once texture was finalized, I was then onto fragrance.

Many facial products on the market today, want to ensure a specific type of smell left over, once the product has been applied. Personally, I don't like to be forced to smell a certain way, after I shave or wash my face. That's why I like to buy cologne & have a wide range of different scents to go with my mood of the day. It was important not to force my clients who use Dual-Shave to not have to worry about smelling a certain way, every single time they use my product. So, I made sure Dual-Shave leaves no smell after its application. There is a slight smell when Dual-Shave comes out of the tube & is laying on the skin. That smell is the medication called, benzoyl peroxide. This is the FDA approved & tested ingredient in Dual-Shave, which fights acne & prevents break-outs through-out a male or females skin. But, once the product is rinsed-off, there is no left-over fragrance.

Dual-Shave, is one of the only *medicated* shaving cream products available, that fights acne & breakouts. I started testing at the highest percentage of benzoyl peroxide, which was 10%. But after a few tests, it turned-out it dried the skin too much. I then decreased the percentage to 7%. But still, some test subjects would report dryness & others would report no dryness of skin. I had to find the right balance. Finally, after approximately 6-months of testing percentages of the medication benzoyl peroxide, the outcome was finalized around 5%.

Now the time came, where I had to send my final results of Dual-Shave to a third party Laboratory testing facility. This Laboratory used human test subjects who were paid to volunteer. The Doctors, Dermatologists, Chemists are all present during this time frame, to ensure Dual-Shave is safe for all Men & Women. But I went even further... I wanted to make sure the Laboratory tested Dual-Shave on sensitive skin types. The results that came back from the Laboratory were amazing & proved that Dual-Shave was safe on normal skin types & even sensitive skin types!

Below, you'll find the results from the Laboratory that prove Dual-Shave is the perfect facial product for you, your loved one's & your family members. When was the last time you saw your favorite brand of face soap or shaving cream, list the results from the laboratory testing on there website? Dual-Shave is so confident in its quality and what it does, it goes far & beyond other brands to prove it to their customers. Because without you, the loyal customer, there is no brand!

Last, Dual-Shave would like to thank you & hope you learn as much as you can from all the products you use on your face & body.

-Owner & Inventor of Dual-Shave