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Pimple Spotter 1 oz/28.35 g

Pimple Spotter 1 oz/28.35 g

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Pimple Spotter is a medicated pimple and acne eliminator cream,a TESTED & PROVEN proprietary formula for extremely fast action healing for those unexpected annoying pimples that come out of nowhere. It contains a powerful medicated dose of benzoyl peroxide to focus on acne-causing bacteria inside pores to clear up those annoying random acne breakouts. Unlike other acne fighting formulas that dry skin we combat that with power infused goat milk which not only keeps the skin moisturized but also powerful enough to fight wrinkles. We’re the only FDA-CLEARED product proven we can eliminate a pimple without drying out the skin!


Features & Details

  • FAST ACTING: Our benzoyl peroxide Pimple Spotter treatment contains a powerful yet balanced amount of medication to target acne-causing bacteria within pores to clear up pimples and other acne blemishes.
  • NOT JUST ANY PIMPLE CREAM: Pimple Spotter is a proprietary formula which means it’s a TESTED & PROVEN formula cleared by the FDA, unlike many others. A third party laboratory has proven this acne treatment is designed specifically to sponge up excess oil, unclog pores, reduce redness and formulated to eliminate acne & random pimples fast.
  • TRAVEL READY: Pimples can randomly pop-up anytime and anywhere which is why our heavy duty “travel approved” safe-jar can come with you whenever or wherever.
  • SAFE FOR ALL: Pimple Spotter acne eliminator has been third party laboratory certified to be safe for all ages including young teens to adults.
  • FOR URGENT ACNE CARE: Our Pimple Spotter acne eliminator is made specifically for random pop-up pimple relief giving you direct & immediate attention to get rid of pimples that come out of nowhere. By using high-grade benzoyl peroxide our unique proprietary formula goes deep into your skin to stop pimples in its tracks from forming to healing. So powerful it’s not even needed unless a pimple is even in sight!
  • Expiration date: 11/2025

How to Use:

The moment you notice you have a very annoying new red pimple on your forehead (or anywhere else on your skin) follow these simple steps and watch it fade away from whatever black hole it came from: Step-1. Immediately open your jar of Pimple Spotter.

Step-2. Sanitize your fingertips.

Step-3. Dip your clean fingertip into the Pimple Spotter cream.

Step-4. Now specifically locate the pimple you want eliminated then begin to spot. 

Step-5. After the pimple has been spotted in a circular motion make sure the exact pimple you’re treating is being absorbed. 

Note: Be sure not to put too much product onto a single pimple, if you can see it bubble up, simply take another sanitized fingertip and slide off the excess product. Make sure every night before going to sleep you apply Pimple Spotter to the pimple you want eliminated. In the morning wash your face and if that annoying little pimple is still there reapply and then wash off again at night and continue until the pimple is gone.

This product is best for people who do not have extremely severe acne. This product is perfect for people who have random pimples and small breakouts that can allow for acne spotting treatment.

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